First test with full equipment

The first test with full equipment took place yesterday.

Actually even with more equipment than I plan to take with me on the trip to Görlitz. Because I had packed two large rolls of fabric tape in case something didn’t hold. But everything held up.

In the picture you can see my bike in full gear. In addition to the aerobars, I have mounted a small bag for power bank and wallet on the stem. Then I put the smartphone on the bag (with which I took the photo 😁). A small pocket on the top tube for cereal bars and the large saddlebag for spare parts and additional clothing. Navigation with the Garmin, of course (but it is covered and not visible). The smartphone then serves as a backup and in order to be able to find the nearest supermarket or bakery, safe is safe.

nearby Gulpen (NL)

The whole thing drives more like a truck than a racing bike, with a total weight of 12.2kg (without fabric tape) no wonder. But it’s not about breaking the world record, it’s about arriving safely.

The only thing missing is the lighting, but it was really too sunny and beautiful! The 13kg are then scratched with the battery.

Thanks to Fawkes & Friedolin for the “koffie verkeerd”. Nice round, as always!

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  1. Patrick

    Good luck Bert!, I ll be following you (virtually). I d love to get more details on the equipment, electronics, apps, food…

  2. Bert

    Hi Patrick. Yes, I will post more information soon about it!

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