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vWTTC on January 8th 2022, yes or no?

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vWTTC 2022

On January 8, 2022, the virtual time trial world championship (vWTTC) will be held for the second time. This time only over the “sprint distance” of three or six hours, …

From 7 to 14 November 2021, the exhibition “Artists for Malabon” will be held for the 39th time at Burg Rode in Herzogenrath. The vernissage opens on Sunday, 7 November, …

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Aachen-Gorlitz 2021

On September 10th 2021 I am cycling from. Aachen to Gorlitz, over 770km non-stop. 

All infos here:

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vEveresting 2021

On May 14th I joined the Everesting the Everest challenge on RGTcycling.
See my blog article for more information.

vWTTC 2020

On January 17th 2021 I participated in the virtual World Timetrail Championships over 12 hours. Again to collect money for the Malabonproject. At the end a great success, 247.1 miles and rank 2 in my age group and 3rd overall!

All details here:

Aachen-Gorlitz 2020

On July 10th 2020 I started from Aachen/Vaals to Gorlitz, over 770km non-stop. 

All infos, videos, articles you find here:

Great documentary about Maria Ressa. Available until January 6th 2022 here (only in German language).
Trikot sponsoring for RAG resulted in approximately 1000 Euro for the children in Malabon!!! Thanks to all!