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Transcontinental TCR09 Update

Update July 15th:

Unfortunately, I have been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for a long time (2018). Comes on and off, sometimes from cycling, but sometimes from gardening, or too much typing on the keyboard. Sometimes on the left hand, sometimes on the right. In the worst cases, I just can’t shift gears anymore because I can’t muster the appropriate strength in my fingers to push the lever to the left (or right).

At the moment it’s under control, but will it stay that way for 3500 kilometres and more?
To be on the safe side, I have thought of an alternative to possibly mitigate the problem, should it occur. To do this, I will mount additional gear levers and, if necessary, “tinker” a bit while riding. I’ll prepare everything and hope that it’s just a screw that I have to loosen and tighten if the worst comes to the worst. I also use kinesiotape and a bandage. If nothing helps, then I will only have limited gears available and it will take a bit longer to reach the finish…

July 11th:

Since today the list of participants of the TCR09 is public. You can find all 360 starters here:

It’s now less than two weeks until the start. There’s still a lot to do, especially at work and around the family and house, because I’ll be on the road for longer from July 23.

What’s still to come on the preparation side, and what’s already done?


Route planning:

  • The route up to the first checkpoint in Livigno has been somewhat rescheduled, since the Axenstrasse is not allowed to be driven on in Switzerland.
  • Some small changes on the piece between Bolzano and Slovenia.
  • The finish in Thessaloniki has been moved, and is now in the Marina.

Bike maintenance after the SBA:

  • Bags cleaned
  • Tires and chain renewed (more later)
  • New brake pads mounted
  • New bike computer to navigate, as the old one has been bugging me several times lately with spontaneous restarts or lack of response.

Still pending:

  • Possibly soldering the connectors (if I have a corresponding switch still at home).
  • Charge and test all electronic stuff
  • Plan/pack food for the first hours/the first day
  • Packing the equipment
  • Replacing the shifter cables.

What does the schedule look like?

Week 29 will be a normal training week (with reduced intensity), i.e. on 07/18-20 I will ride normally to meeting point and enjoy the ride.


Bike and equipment final check
Loose training round (with different bike) to clear the legs (and the head).
Noodle party at home 🙂

10:00 Arrival at Geraardsbergen
until 16:00 registration (ID check, bike check, check of equipment like helmet, light, reflectors etc.)
17:00 obligatory briefing of all participants
22:00 start

I plan to keep updating these articles in the coming days.