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Homeschooling in Malabon

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I would like to draw you attention to the current situation regarding education and schooling in Malabon.

Herbert Schmerz from the Projektgruppe Malabon reports, that according to the Philippine Ministry of Education, students are falling by the wayside even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They work with worksheets provided by the teachers and collected at the end of the week. However, some worksheets are damaged by the rainy season and typhoons.

The main mistakes made by students in public schools are reading comprehension. So it is almost impossible to learn. Some parents have very poor reading and writing skills.”, Herbert Schmerz elaborates.

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“When parents who are illiterate but want to participate in their children’s education, they face many difficulties. Classes in public schools during the pandemic are scattered to failure. Students do not have the right equipment and media, the internet is bad and expensive. We have the worst internet and the most expensive in Asia. “, Father Boy, founder of the  “POP (Preferential Option for the Poor) FOUNDA-TION”  and  our coordinator in Malabon,  explains.

The nutrition program for the street children continues. The coordinators have done well so far. The program will definitely continue. During this time of economic crisis, students need good nutrition.

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