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Still difficult times…

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The situation in Malabon is still very critical, even if it is of course not reported in the media in Europe or other parts of the world.

Unfortunately, the second wave has now reached us with full force, and the implementation of a running event of whatever kind has become a long way off.

As it now looks, it will not be possible to organize a Malabon run at the school this year, not even as part of class celebrations. It’s a shame, but the only reasonable decision. As soon as the situation improves, I will take up the idea of ​​”mini running events” again. Hopefully in 2021. Maybe after the Christmas break?

But I don’t want to end this year like this. Therefore, another virtual event is currently being planned for the beginning of December, together with two other extreme cyclists and Race Across America participants from the Aachen region.

We are currently investigating the technical requirements. We always have to react very spontaneously and quickly to the constantly changing regulations from health authorities and politics. The current regulations are valid until the end of November. We may only have a few days in December to respond to changes.

More information in the coming days as soon as our plan takes a little more shape.