The Transcontinental TCR09

On 23.07. the TCR09 started in Geraardsbergen (B).

A special race, non-supported, across Europe, from Belgium to Greece.

The strict rules, the length and the profile of the course, presented me with completely new challenges. Did I reach the finish in Thessaloniki? What happened on such a long journey, how I managed, or did not manage, crises and problems, and what solutions I came up with? You find the answers in my blog articles (linked below).

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Livetracking was provided by the organizer, see

I have linked a report of the Aachener Zeitung here (only in German). In it you will find some background information, which I don’t want to mention here again.

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me!



From the start to CP1

From CP1 in Italy to CP2 in Slovenia

From Slovenia across the Balkan

Highway? To hell with gravel!

Heatflicker to the finish line

Countdown Expired!

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