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Why and what for? It’s your choice!

Sometimes I wonder why I am actually doing this. Sitting on the bike for hours, in training or at events, it doesn’t matter, in the long run it is usually a tough thing. At least if it is more than 6 hours there are seldom training partners and most of the time you are alone thinking about God and the world.

The fundraising campaign for the Malabon project group is a decisive motivating factor for me, even in bad weather and often alone, to get my bike out of the cellar and ride off.

Now in the Advent season you can see advertisements for charity on television again and again, shows in which proceeds are donated to organizations and institutions, mostly combined with images that appeal to our consciences.

This is important at a time when discussions in my country are only about a shortage of toilet paper, hopefully functioning internet connections so as not to miss the top deals on Black Friday, or New Year’s Eve fireworks. It is very difficult to imagine what happens on the other side of the world, for example in the Philippines.

There is no question: Lockdown is not fun for anyone, whether easy or complete lockdown, hardly plays a role. It is a really difficult time for some of us. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home. With the usual cutbacks in terms of social contacts and a little less effective than in the office, it’s actually not a problem. For many companies, especially in restaurants and in the hotel and tourism sector, it looks much worse. But we will also get out of this crisis. The daily challenge of how to get enough food will certainly not exist in our country.

I received current pictures from Malabon. In addition, the confirmation that all of the money raised so far this year has reached the needy. I have also received a list of names of all 60 supported preschool children who, this year, will have a warm meal prepared every day from your donated money. We would like to express our thanks again to all donors!

You can hide a lot behind masks. It is often difficult to see how someone is doing who is wearing a mask. Is it a smile or a sad expression on your face? Sometimes you don’t know.

But there is not much more to say about this picture. The eyes speak for themselves. The mask is just wide enough to hide the smiles and laughter. If you can conjure up such a smile on faces with the small amount of money for a six-pack of fresh milk, it is enough motivation for me to drive through day and night, wind and rain, sun and heat and collect donations.

The organizer planned a final test on November 28th. Then on December 6th the actual event. On Wednesday the organizer informed us, that the event is postponed and now taking place on 16/17. January 2021. This is due to technical problems of the online platform through which the virtual race is managed. Okay, then let ride a few weeks later. Postponed is not cancelled. There is still more time to gain experience with all the technical stuff. We will have our own dress rehearsal at the beginning of December so that we are well prepared for January.

But back to the Advent season and the associated request on my part to donate to charity even in times of Corona and to do something good yourself. You have the choice and the opportunity to put a smile on children’s faces with just a few euros, remotely, thousands of kilometers away. Please remember, every euro counts.

I hope you join me!

Your Bert