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Here just in time the promised update in September…

After a somewhat sobering 2022, it’s time to plan and target next year with hopefully better conditions.

Which ultracycling races I will participate in has not been decided yet, but the plan is to participate in multi day events in the non-supported class.

The ultracycling scene is becoming more and more popular, and many events offer plenty of opportunities to let off steam. But many of these events are unfortunately aimed at profit. Therefore it is important to choose carefully, which cart you let yourself be pulled in front of. As you know, a big goal is always to raise money for the children in Malabon. There I would not like to spend four-digit starting fee. The money would be better invested as a direct “own donation”.

Fortunately, there are enough alternatives, perhaps not so

media-effective or marketed, but often just as challenging and with great participants. For those interested, here is a link to some prominent events in the scene:

My race and event calendar will be set in January. Only 10 days Mallorca are firmly planned at the end of March. The highlight will probably be in July. There are already two events that I have in my sights. I plan but flexible, that means that I want to have next to plan A, also a plan B and even plan C in the bag.

I am also happy to take suggestions. I am sure you have good ideas! So please leave your ideas as comments. But be careful, I may come back to you for preparation or even as a support person 😉. 

For the fourth quarter is only regular training. Possibly a few longer tours, if there are nice days. The job comes first at the moment, and there is a lot going on. Also I will use the time to test some setups. Which bike, with which equipment?

Your Bert

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