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Training Camp Mallorca 2023

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On March 18th I went with three friends and my bike to Mallorca. In spring an excellent environment to train basic endurance and more. The very good infrastructure on the island, with perfect small paths and roads, changing landscapes and area-wide supply of cafes, always invite to extensive bike rides. Also, the journey (if not times just before the Easter vacations is struck) really short and pleasant.

This year it went with me after camp time again something for the basic endurance to do. And I used the 8 days on the island with perfect weather around 20 degrees Celsius extensively for it.

I would like to share a few impressions of the training camp with you.

Day 1 “Security First”

On the day of travel there was a delay of about 2 hours due to a strike of the security staff at Cologne airport. After the hotel room was occupied and the bikes were assembled, we could still set off for a short tour of about 65 km. We were back at Playa de Palma, where our hotel was located, just in time for sunset and dinner.

Day 2 “Field trip salad”

On the second day we started as usual at 10:00 am for a ride on small paths across the island. Thereby we were able to explore some unknown roads and areas. Some roads were a bit borderline, though, and won’t make it into my list of top routes. Without navigation we would have been lost. Even a flat tire could not stop me. But all in all a nice tour. After two of us left it at just under 140 km, I added another 40 km.

Day 3 “Air problems”

On the third day we went via Esporles to the west coast, and the coastal road south to Andratx. A tour, on which one hardly comes out of the astonishment. One village more beautiful than the other, blue sea, great panorama and always climbs and descents. Unfortunately, I and one of my companions have driven several times flat. Very extraordinary. I think it’s been many years since I had a flat tire on Mallorca. Now there were five. The last flat was on my extra lap, which I aborted after the last spare tube was used up. At the end there were 172 km and almost 2000 meters of altitude on the speedometer.

Day 4 “CaBa instead of KiBa”.

With fresh tires it went on the fourth day over known ways to Petra. I personally like the place in Petra, where there is very good coffee and very tasty baguettes very much. Sunny and sheltered from the wind, it always invites you to take a break. And that’s what we did at about 80 km. Freshly strengthened it went on. On the extra round there was at km 170 still a stop at a Supermercado. After a coke and a banana, there was enough energy in the tank again for the remaining 40 kilometers to the hotel.

Day 5 “in the rest lies the strength”.

Day 5 was arranged as a day of rest. A small tour to Llucmajor for a coffee could not be missing, of course. The rest of the day was to relax, and shopping announced. Shopping with cyclists always looks like this: first food, i.e. water, cereal bars, bananas, or whatever you feel like. Then the countless bike stores are canvassed to find something that you either do not need, or already have. Bought is in the rarest cases something (except one needs times again spare tubes).

Day 6 “Go East”

After yesterday’s rest day, we went to the eastern part of the island, to Arta. After Manacor, coming from the southwest, the area changes. Very wavy, completely different vegetation, and few cyclists. In Arta there was coffee and baguette to strengthen, before via Petra the way home began. All the time blew an unpleasant headwind, and I was able to elegantly incorporate a few smaller intervals in the ride. After185 km I was back at the hotel after a very nice day.

Day 7 “twice in a circle”

The following day I first went via Algaida and Santa Maria den Cami along the mountains to Sa Pobla, with a coffee stop in Maria de la Salut, and back towards Arenal. After about 130 km, our gang of four then divided into those who drove towards the hotel, or those who wanted to unwind a few extra kilometers. For me, the second round added another 90 km, and after a Coke with banana (in the same Supermercado as a few days ago) I was back in my room after 225 km.

Day 8: “The best comes at the end”.

On the 8th day I first went to Valdemossa. Legs and morale still excellent, it went along the coast via Deia to Soller and Port de Soller. Break was in Fornalutx. There our troop divided into those who drove over the Soller pass back towards Arenal, and two who still wanted to climb the highest point of the island to continue to Polenca before swinging south again. Of course I belonged to the latter. After 215 km and over 2800 meters of altitude, we were back at the hotel early enough to start packing the bikes before dinner.

Day 9 “off into the winter”

On Sunday, the 26.3. we went back to Düsseldorf. After breakfast we took the airport bus, and were able to check in quickly. The flight was delayed, so I could use the time to write this little report.

Yours Bert.