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Tougher than cycling on the road…

Twelve hours on a Smart Trainer are really tough. You cannot stop pedaling just for one second without losing speed. No short stretching while being on descent.

That is what many of the riders post in Facebook, and that is also what Roland and Paul fed back to me. Last years winner, regular race on the road, won once more. I think this is undisputed, regardless the big problems that FulGaz is having to get the results complete. Last night the race organizers (RAAM) informed us, that they are still manually on rectifying the system. My data seems to be uploaded correctly. Same showing on my app, my Garmin, and the leaderboard. Some riders also gave up during the event, being rather frustrated. Let’s see what this all boils down to.

For me it was a great experience, and a lot of learning. First time setting up a livestream in YouTube. I have compiled a short video, 12 hours in one minute, that you may want to have a look at.

link to the video (external content):

More info about the technical setup, stories what happened and the final result, will be published during the next days.