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Successful Testride

The official test for the vWTTC took place late on Sunday evening at 10:00 p.m. . In a video conference with almost 120 out of 150 participants, all information about the course of the race was available. In addition to the settings in the software, it was also about how to proceed in the event of technical problems. Afterwards, or during the test, there was the opportunity to do a lap on the official course. Unlike the “normal” trips, there was a leaderboard both visually and in tabular form. During the event there is one leader board per class, for the 24, 12.6 and 3 hours distance, each. The links to the leader boards will be provided beforehand.

So the setup is clear and we can start pedaling on January 17th. Due to the more stringent Corona conditions and rules, it is unfortunately not possible for us, as originally planned, to jointly ride together on Paul’s terrace. Instead, each of us will be alone at home on our bikes in isolation.

I’ll be streaming the full 12 hours on YouTube. The link will be published both at betterplace to previous donors via email in the newsletter and also on my website (here in the blog). I will also provide the link to the leaderboard there.

Maybe you would like to stop by? You can also ask questions via the live chat on YouTube, or chat with me or with each other. Since I also have to pedal on the side, please forgive me in advance for not being able to answer everything and perhaps not always being able to send an answer promptly. But I get support in answering questions so that I don’t have to type everything myself. On Friday there will be a short update here in the blog before things get serious on Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. Stay healthy, your Bert