SBA 2023

On 24.06. I start at the Swiss Bike Adventure in Andermatt.

With a length of about 1290 km and 270000 meters of altitude a real test for the Transcontinental, which will start only 4 weeks later in Gerardsbergen (B).

The route includes many known, but also many (to me) unknown areas and roads, which I look forward with great anticipation. The rough preparations are done, i.e. the equipment is available, the first overnight stay is booked before the start, and the journey is planned.

The start on June 24 will be early in the morning, very early at 5 am. That means getting up very early, having breakfast, taking the car to the start, hopefully finding a parking space, and then smiling at 4:40 for the photo shoot …

It is driven clockwise around Switzerland, with the Furka Pass as the first, and with its 2429 m also the highest pass of the tour. Here was a checkpoint of the Transcontinental Race in 2016. Then it continues through the Valais and the Bernese Alps. It’s not really flat anywhere, most likely in the canton of Aargau.

But the big end comes in Graubünden and Ticino. The last pass of the tour is the Gotthard from the south side. These last 14 km with an average gradient of about 7% will complete the circumnavigation, with five passes, with over 2000 m altitude, and countless “saw teeth” in between.

You find a report what happend here:

Fotos von Unsplash:
Luftbild) Foto von Patrick Robert Doyle 
Belvedere Foto von Joel Ambass 

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With Miles4Malabon I support 125 preschool children in the Philippines to enable them to attend elementary school.

All donations go first to the project group Malabon e.V., which has the direct contact to Malabon and allocates the money to the corresponding project.

Betterplace is a non-profit organization that takes care of all payment transactions, including the issuing of donation receipts. The money goes directly to the respective non-profit organization, in this case to the project group Malabon e.V. A direct transfer to me is not possible, respectively not wanted, that would only mean unnecessary effort for me, and also transparency, as provided by betterplace, would not be manageable for me as a private person. I prefer to spend my time on the bike to motivate more people to donate.

Currently, payments via PayPal, direct debit, credit card, paydirect or bank transfer are possible through betterplace.

Betterplace transfers the funds directly to the Malabon e.V. project group. In return, proof must be provided that the funds have been used for the appropriate purpose. In addition, I also receive regular information about the 125 preschool children who are supported by the program.

Every donor receives a donation receipt from betterplace in February of the following year for all donations made in the previous year.

Of course you can also support me in other ways. Sometimes it needs some help with the organization, or just accompaniment on long training rides. Sharing these activities and actions in the social media, and perhaps providing me with contacts to generate attention in these media, is also a help.

A direct sponsorship via Miles4Malabon is not possible. If you would like to donate on a long-term and regular basis, you can do so with the Malabon project group as a so-called sponsor. This is especially interesting for companies.

The simplest possibility is that of a direct donation. It is also possible to put your company logo or name on my jersey, which I wear during training and events. For this, however, I ask in advance for direct contact. For other ideas please also just contact me.

No! No donations are used to finance the activities, i.e. entry fees, fees, transport, accommodation, food, etc., and for the purchase of my equipment. I am very happy to pay for that out of my own pocket. Should there be any interest in sponsoring, in whatever form, please contact me. 

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