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Race Around Austria?

A perfect vacation day with sun and 30 degrees Celsius.
The GPX track of my slightly longer tour today looks like the shape of Austria, doesn’t it? Well, the Race Around Austria is probably a bit longer, almost exactly 10 times as long (2200km). The Race Around Germany is even 3300km. The first chat with the RAG organizer, perhaps to tackle this in 2021, actually took already place …

But only if we can travel again and take part in sporting events without any worries. On the bike itself you are alone long enough at marathons, then you don’t need more distance afterwards. Because memories are more important than the sporting challenge, and above all the people with whom you share your memories.

Sharing is Caring, the slogan from my colleague Sherine fits perfect.

Maas River, Maasbracht (NL)

During todays tour I tested once more the equipment (Bags, Navigation with Garmin and iPhone). Only lights were missing. I tested them yesterday evening. All fits perfect and nothing is in the way. Enough space at the handlebar, enough space for packing all the stuff needed along the way.

During the upcoming days the bike will undergo some maintenance to ensure all is perfectly working and to avoid bad surprises such as broken cables, shifting problems etc. On such a trip one does not want to bother with this kind of issues.