Next week…

… I’m already on the road, hopefully for quite a while.
The tension slowly increases and the final preparations are underway.

Today the local press from Aachen reported on my trip and the project I support.

Aachener Zeitung, july 2nd 2020

You can find the complete articles here:

Many thanks to the RC Dorff Cycling club for support and the best wishes. Great article they have written and posted on their web page!

Tonight I finally serviced the bike including a new cassette, chain and chainrings. Only the new tires are still missing. Chrit will print new stickers, be surprised.

Bert cycling at sun set
Test Ride around sun set

The short test drive into the twilight was already successful.

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  1. Patrick

    All the best Bert, I wont be able to go to Markt but I think about you and I ll try to send my best ambassador 🙂

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