Malabonrun 2020/2021 by

Städtisches Gymnasium Herzogenrath

Also in 2020/2021 there will be a Malabonrun. Of course in a different Format due to COVID-19.

All details below.

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What’s up?

This fall the Malabon run was planned at the Gymnasium Herzogenrath. Due to COVID-19 it is not possible to have thousand of pupils running. But instead of giving up we will execute it in a different format.

Video about the Malabonlauf 2020 (only German)


number of teams


Two pupils of one class form a relay and run or walk a 750m long lap on the school premises.

It is desirable that parents are also included. One parent and one child can also form a relay.

To this end, all participants are looking for sponsors who they enter in lists that have been distributed beforehand.

The run will be carried out individually at a class or level meeting.

You decide the length, whether an hour as in the “big Malabo run” or longer or shorter.

The number of laps run will be signed by your teachers as usual. They also collect sponsorship money after the run.

Karte der Malabonlaufes 2020
map of the track

There is always news about completed runs and the current donation status on the school’s homepage and here in the blog.

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