Just one month…

… and slowly it gets serious. Because in four weeks from now I am going to start the ridestart. That means that all preparations have to be finalized soon. In addition to the equipment, i.e. bike, clothing, food, lighting and the most necessary spare parts, these includes navigation.

I planned the route yesterday. It is around 767 km from the border in Aachen to the border in Görlitz. You never know exactly. Detours, unpaved roads or traffic sometimes forces to change the route. Some striking points and places are on my way:

Km    Ort
  0   Aachen/Vaals (Border NL)
 90   Bonn/Rhine
190   Herborn
278   Alsfeld
316   Bad Hersfeld (longer break)
346   former border GDR/GER
370   Eisenach/Wartburg
440   Sömmerda
500   Naumburg
650   Elbe/Radebeul (longer break)
680   Radeberg
720   Bautzen
767   Görlitz/Neiße (Border PL)

Breaks cannot really be planned. When it is hot, you have to refill your drinking bottles more often than in the rain. But you might like to stay under a bridge for some time to let a shower or a thunderstorm go. There is a fast food restaurant on the route in Bad Hersfeld. Perfect for freshening up, changing clothes and having a quick coffee. Maybe I can meet Christoph at the Elbe. That would be a good opportunity for another long break before continuing through the hilly Lausitz to Görlitz.

767km west to east