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Isn’t there a subsidy for cargo bikes?

On Saturday there was a first test drive with the full equipment. In addition to the large saddlebag for tools and clothing, three other bags are part of the luggage. A bag on the handlebar with granola bars and powdered drinks, a bag on the stem to store the power bank and as a smartphone holder, and a small bag on the top tube with gels and a few gummy bears. In addition, there are 3 water bottles, which increase the total weight to an impressive 18kg. Let’s see if we can still slim down a bit.

With this luggage, a racing bike rides very differently than normal. You have to get used to it again. As long as you’re in the saddle, it’s still okay, but when you get out of the saddle, you can feel every gram that swings back and forth.

The aerodynamics hardly suffer. Even if the average speed in an ultra marathon is in the range of 25-30 km / h, it is important not to waste energy unnecessarily.

Otherwise there was unfortunately only a small lap on Sunday, as I’ve been suffering from an injury to my tibia for a week. It is slowly getting better and I hope that I can start on Friday without pain. Keep your fingers crossed for me, otherwise the 796 km will be a torture from the start.

Tuesday there were the new jerseys.

new gear for the RAG 2021

Just in time for the start. Many thanks to all sponsors that I would like to mention here:

Physiotherapie Dirk Heinrichs (
Hildes Grünzeug (
Gut Paulinenwäldchen Bioland Hof (
van den berg, the transaction people (
Erdmann printing company (
Bookstore Katerbach (
St. Josef Pharmacy (
Advantages of shoes and leather goods (
Cycling Lenzen ( (

A good 2 days until the start and there is not much time left to prepare everything. I still have to bake my cereal bars at some point.

Sunday was an exhibition in Aachen from the Academy of Crafts and Design. One topic was “bicycle re-invented”. There were quite interesting ideas and prototypes shown. The most striking one was this one.

my favorite idea

But I will stick to my Cervelo S3 for the ride to Gorlitz 🙂

Your Bert