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Fire in Malabon

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Unfortunately, I received the news of a fire in Malabon / Tondo.

Almost all of our preschool children are affected, and a total of around 500 families lost their homes. Fortunately, all children and elderly people from the slum were brought to safe ground in time. None of the children supported were injured.

But how should it go on now? Providing the children with a warm meal a day was already a challenge, especially because of the lockdown in Manila, now this tragedy is added.

The children currently have to sleep on the school’s concrete floor or even outside on the sidewalk. Blankets and mosquito nets are the most urgently needed purchases.

The only thing left for now is the request for donations to support the preschool children. There is still a lot to do before the Race Across Germany on September 10th. The corresponding jersey campaign will start in the coming weeks.

For background information, I would like to refer to a report by the ZDF Auslandsjournal. The conditions in Happyland are very similar to those in the slums of Malabon, which is a few kilometers north of it.

External link to YouTube: Corona auf den Philippinen  Manilas gnadenloser Lockdown   auslandsjournal