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Everesting on May 14th

Everesting the Everest

With your donations in the last few days there is no turning back. On May 14th I will tackle the “virtual Everesting the Everest” challenge. But please continue donating! The situation in Malabon is worrying.

Please continue donating!

The goal is 8,848 meters uphill, spread over around 228 km. This is anything but a easy ride. Each lap, which is a little over 25 km long, goes 984 m uphill and, logically, downhill again. So it makes about 8% incline. With 180 watts of power, this incline brings you to a speed of approx. 9 km / h. For the 12.7 km uphill, this results in a time of 1h 25 ‘, so a total of almost 13h only uphill.

Downhill is more relaxed. The descent takes just over 15 minutes at 50 km / h and around 19 minutes at 40 km / h, during which, according to the regulations, you can get off your bike from time to time. The avatar in the software also rolls on its own if necessary.

That adds up to 9x uphill plus 8x downhill a total time of 15.5 hours. But also, only if there are no issues or problems. They can certainly occur. Be it that the software doesn’t play along, or my legs. The latter is almost certain …

As for the bike, I’ll take my racing bike, with a gears of 50/34 times 11/28. So the smallest gear ratio is 34/28, i.e. you only get 2.56 m per pedal turn, so you have to crank a lot to reach the 984 m.

There is a live stream on YouTube from 8:15 a.m. Hopefully I’ll start a little earlier and then I’ll be on the climb to the summit. The chat is also open. While driving, I try to answer or report in the live chat on YouTube as well as in a live blog on the site. But please don’t hold it against me if I fail to do this in the course of the challenge. At best, there will be updates there every hour. Maybe a few more stories on Instagram.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Your Bert!