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Dress rehearsal

A first dress rehearsal for the competition on January 17th took place today. For this we all met, Paul, Roland and I as participants, and Christoph and Kristian as helpers who will support us on the day of the competition.

We used this morning to map the setup for the event as precisely as possible, i.e. where are the bikes, where are the laptops, how many cable drums and network cables do we need, where do we put the food and so on.

Bert on Bike

In addition, a first test for lifestyle streaming on the Internet took place. We plan to stream live via YouTube from start to finish and also send some interviews and information via the channel at predefined times. Hopefully I will have to struggle less with the technology than I did in the summer on my trip from Aachen to Görlitz. At least there is no procedure because I don’t have to navigate.

The technical setup:

  • 3 cable drums
  • 3 multiple sockets
  • 3 chairs as a table replacement for a monitor or TV
  • 1 music stand
  • 3 mats
  • A router for the WiFi
  • A 30m network cable across the house to the terrace
  • 1 bistro table
  • Several network and HDMI cables with different adapters
  • 3 smartphones with appropriate chargers or battery packs
  • Various ANT + and Bluetooth dongles
  • 2 virtual webcams (I forgot to bring with me)
  • 2 laptops and an iPad for the software for the Smartrainer
  • 1 laptop for the streaming software
  • And even 3 racing bikes

During the 12h event we will also set up 2 TV sets to counteract the boredom. The hope remains that for all the technology I will still be able to drive …