Countdown started

More than one month has passed now that I launched the charity activity. It is awesome that up until today you donated more than 1200 Euro already! Keep sharing the links and info with your friends and families. Every Euro counts!

I will stat from today onwards to publish short infos about the preparation, the situation in Malabon, and more and more details about the route here.

The first weeks after launching the campaign were a bit bumpy. Two weeks of quarantine didn’t allow any cycling outside, so I tortured my indoor cycle, or it tortured me, depends on the perspective. Just back on the road I am facing with a little injury of my achilles heel heel. It isn’t stopping me from cycling and is getting slowly better every day.

Since a couple of days restrictions have been lowered regarding Corona, and it is now possible again to go out cycling with a small group of friends, always ensuring that distance rules are kept! 

Stay tuned! Stay healthy!