An eventful week…

On Tuesday there was a photo session with Herbert Schmerz from the Malabon e.V. project group. On Wednesday i went for a long trip, and on Friday the school holidays started here in NRW. I did a total of 760km this week.

Herbert Schmerz und Bert Vohn mit Trikots
Hertbert Schmerz and I handing over a jersey for the Projektgruppe Malabon e.V.

Yesterday I was in wild Belgistan. A country known for excellent french fries, tasty beers, and unsurpassed bakeries. No wonder the Belgians in Europe consume the most calories per capita per day. [source]

Since yesterday I also know that there are dangerous wild animals in Belgium. No, not the cats and dogs that like to run in front of your bike in the villages. Not even red deer and wild boar, actually only dangerous at dusk. I got into a swarm of bees yesterday. Very unpleasant. Even if it was only a few seconds until I was through the swarm that was frolicking on a bridge on the Albert Canal, it was enough for several stings . Fortunately, I had closed the jersey, so only the legs were affected. Less fortunate were two young moped drivers who shook their bees out of their helmets and clothes a few hundred meters away.

Today the last longer unit before the trip to Görlitz. In the coming week, I will be a little more intense, but will choose

Karte Strava

Complete tea sessions. Then from next Sunday only loose units and recharge your batteries.

Last but not least, I reached Florian from Radsport Post SV Görlitz. If everything works out, a few sports colleagues come towards me on the last few kilometers to cycle together “to the finish line”.