After 3 months break (updated)

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it is time for s short update.

Unfortunately, there have been few really pain-free days on the bike since the end of January.

This has been very hard on morale, especially since it was not at all foreseeable when I would really be able to get back into training. The problems after the collision with a car at the beginning of December had not yet completely subsided when a fall on an icy road at the beginning of February put obstacles in my way again. The week before the training camp on Mallorca I couldn’t train at all. Since this self-imposed week of rest, things have been looking up.

During the Easter weekend I dared to do some harder intervals and sprints for the first time since October. As it seems,

the old bones and muscles are holding again. Although my left leg still looked like “fresh out of the sarcophagus” from the toes up to and including the calf, all the kinesiotape worked. At least in my mind, and that’s enough.

Time to look ahead!

Specifically, on 7 May there is an action to mark the 30+1th anniversary year of the Europaschule in Herzogenrath. As part of the project week at the school, we will be collecting donations and the teachers of the project courses will be doing a short time trial on the Smart Trainer on Saturday during the celebrations. A combination of the amount raised and metres cycled will determine a winning team. Of course, I hope for lively participation and donations from students and parents. Teachers are also welcome to give something!

More information in the coming days here and on Instagram. Take a look.


On 7 May, we were able to test a new concept for fundraising at the anniversary celebration of 30+1 years of the European School.
The concept with the five-minute time trials worked without any problems. 5 minutes may sound short, but it is a long time. Each of the participants worked up a sweat. I hope to be able to participate with a similar concept in autumn at the gymnasiums school festival in Herzogenrath. The Malabon Run will also take place at this school festival. More about this later.

We would like to thank all donors once again. In total, more than 700 € were collected for the children. 240 € came from the European School, and the rest from online donations!