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Aachen-Munich (Update)

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Unfortunately, due to COVID, it will not be possible for me to stick to my plan to cycle to Munich at the end of July. I don’t want to take any risks and prefer to postpone this venture to a later date. The year is still long, it will be fine!

I hope to get back into training in the coming days.

Your Bert

My next longer bike ride will take place in July 2022. It will be neither participation in a race, nor another official event. The exact date is not yet fixed.

The Race Across Germany did not fit unfortunately temporally for private and professional reasons this year. Maybe next year the double? This year there would be many alternatives, because everything that did not work in the last two years, or only under absurd conditions, works again. However, my favorite events have either been booked out for a long time, don’t fit in time-wise, or are unaffordable. It seems that everyone wants to catch up on everything at once.

So it’s going to be a little quieter. So what is on my plan? I will cycle from Herzogenrath, north of Aachen, to Hohenkammer, north of Munich. In one piece, without any major stops, about 600 km and 5000 meters of altitude.

I see the whole undertaking as a kind of test ride. With a new bike and a lot of luggage. It’s about gaining experience to possibly participate next year in a longer bikepacking event, where you have to take stuff for several days. Whether it will really come to it, is not yet certain. At the end of July, I will pack civilian clothes for the return trip in addition to the stuff needed for the ride. For this purpose, my gravel bike will be equipped with plenty of bags. In addition, the gravel tires will be swapped with wide road bike tires, and an aero handlebar must not be missing. For the setup there will be another article here in the blog.

Expected route
The route will lead through Düren, Euskirchen and Bad Neuenahr to the Rhine near Bad Breisig. Further it goes along the Rhine to Koblenz to the German corner. The stretch along the Rhine will be a test of patience, because unfortunately the roads and bike paths there are disastrous. Between Koblenz and Boppard we continue on the other side of the Rhine and after a ferry ride further along the Loreley rock to Bingen. From Bingen it goes crosswise on it to Worms, Mannheim and Heidelberg. Then the first 300 km are done and I can celebrate Bergfest.

Over Bad Rappenau and Schwäbisch Hall, at km 440, it goes on over Ellwangen and Donauwörth, in the direction of Pfaffenhofen, in order to take then south to Hohenkammer the last kilometers in attack.

I have not yet decided exactly when I will start. Neither in terms of the day, nor the time of day. For the latter, the tendency is clearly to start at noon and then arrive at our friends in Hohenkammer around noon the following day. If it takes longer, because I had to take a longer nap at night, it doesn’t matter.

Tracking via Garmin or Google Maps should also work. And I hope to post some information during the tour on Instagram.

Maybe it’s a welcome occasion for you to support my fundraiser Miles4Malabon. You can find out what it’s all about here.

More details later here in the blog.
Yours Bert.